Is Health Your #1 Priority?

As someone who prepares for what may come at you in life, you’ve got your food, water, shelter plan, protection, and tangible asset management in place. But what about your health and wellness plan?

According to the CDC, approximately HALF of all adults in the United States suffer from at least one chronic condition that requires management.

If the SHTF does happen to the magnitude that is projected:

  • Most will not have access to the type of healthcare we are used to receiving
  • Within a month (or less) people will begin running out of their traditional means of managing their health condition
  • Sanitation will become a nightmare causing an increase incidence of disease
  • Nutritional deficiencies will begin to occur due to lack of proper diet. Because this is already a silent problem due to the average current diet, it will likely happen fairly quickly
  • Money/gold/silver won’t matter as much as being able to barter a skill or lifesaving product
  • Internet will not be available for us to “look something up”
  • Injuries will become a larger problem due to civil unrest AND of those who are unskilled, living and do things they are not used to doing
  • Infections will quickly become life threatening because of bacterial resistance (even to those fish antibiotics you’ve bought). The current worldwide annual death rate due to antibiotic resistant bacteria already currently stands at 700,000 annually but is projected to balloon far beyond that.

Maybe you’ve stocked up on bandages and face masks and even have an extra month of your current medications set aside for a rainy day. If so, you are ahead of most, but you are still sorely lacking. You need knowledge at your fingertips and you need the proper products you can trust when applying your “survival” knowledge.

My name is Liz James, and I’m a pharmacist with 25 years experience, a certified Health Coach, an organic farmgirl, and a prepper myself. In addition to pharmacy I also have a strong background in alternative healthcare options. Let me help you find your way towards true healthcare/wellness preparedness. I can provide you with an individualized plan… for FREE.

I will provide you with facts, resources, and researched products along with the reasons WHY I’ve trusted the products I’m going to be trusting to carry me and my family thru rough seasons.

Knowledge is power, but the application of knowledge is priceless ESPECIALLY when the SHTF.

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